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A B O U T   U S

Petrovaradin Fortress is both historically marked and seemingly destined as aplace where warrior skills are gained, and, as such, it represents a perfect home for archery.
In terms of speed and clarity of direction, the arrow is similar to light and thought – a symbol of conquest over what appears to be out of reach. Shooting form a bow has always been characteristic for kings, it was the job of hunters, but also a spiritual exercise aimed at reaching perfection by becoming aware of and overcoming all of our imperfections. In order to hit the target, the bow, as well as our spirit, must not be too relaxed nor too tight, our breathing must be in unison with movement, while our eyes, arms and heart must remain calm. According to legend, if a person has a pure heart, even if they release an arrow in the dark,that arrow will hit the center on the first try. That is why archery is considered a noble sport.

Promoting this skill was just one of many reasons why the Archery Club NS 2002 was founded in April, 2002. The Club, which was born out of love and enthusiasm and has grown thanks to the energy and help provided by like-minded individuals and friends,offers its members space and equipment for learning and practicing archery, as well as closedclub areas intended for doing work, talking and socializing. Within the Club, there is also a School of Archery which offers courses that anyone interested in taking up this sport has to attend.Conceived as a harbor of competitive spirit and good mood, Archery Club NS 2002 aims to be both a house of sport, and a place where cultural events are held. 

A R C H E R Y   C O U R S E

Archery courses are intended for everyone, regardless of their gender, age and level of ability. The course may be attended by children over the age of 7, boys and girls, adults, and even seniors.
Archery is a sport that brings joy to the whole family.
If children are attending the course, it is recommended that their parents be present during the first lesson. In case the parent becomes interested in taking the course, they are more than welcome to join us.

During the summer months, the training sessions are held at the archery range at Petrovaradin Fortress, and in winter, starting from November 1, at SPC Vojvodina (SPENS).
Duration of the Course
Beginner courses are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The exact times and frequency of training sessions shall be agreed upon. The course consists of 12 hour-and-a-half sessions. For more information, please contact Željko at +38163 72 62 722.
Price of the Course
The price of the entire course is RSD 6,800 perperson. You may enroll at any point during the year. It is also possible to attend individual private training sessions at the price of EUR 10.
Safety Rules
Open shoes are not allowed because of potential feet injuries that may occur if the arrow falls out of the bow or in case the arrow is accidentally stepped on.
Baggy clothes should be avoided, especially around the chest and arms, since it could be a hindrance to the bowstring during drawing and releasing.
Jewelry should not be worn and people with long hair should put in a ponytail.
Protection in form of a hat with a small brim and sunscreen should be considered in sunny weather. During the summer months, it is especially important to stay hydrated. The use of insect repellants is also recommended.
Drinking any sort of alcoholic beverages before or during the training sessions is strictly forbidden! Smoking is also not allowed when one is shooting, so as to prevent cigarette burns and bowstring damage caused by cigarettes.
Course Program
- Basic safety rules
- Basic bow types
- Bow parts
- Basic arrow types
- Arrow parts
- Dominant eye determining
- 10 basic elements of shooting from a bow
- Each person will be provided with a recurve bow of the appropriate size and weight,a suitable set of arrows, arm guard, finger tab and a fixed arrow rest.
- Shooting at a large target set 10m away
- How to string a bow
- Straightening the bowstring
- Focusing
- Relaxing
- Grouping the arrows and setting the bow sight
- Exercises – Shooting at a target set 10m away
- Perfecting the shooting technique
- How to count points
- Exercises – Shooting at a target set 15m away
- Archery equipment maintenance
- Basic steps of tuning a bow
- Exercises – shooting at a target set 15m away
- Short tournament using 5 arrows

All courses are supervised by the coach.
Upon completion of the course, anyoneinterested in continuing to practice archery is welcome to join the Club.

The membership fee for members using the Club equipment is RSD 2000 per month. Families that join the Club together are offered special prices.
Club equipment will be at the members’ disposal at all times, except during the course.Non-members are free to rent the club equipment.
Additionally, we can offer advice and provide help to those who wish topurchase new (or second-hand) equipment.

The membership fee for members who use their own equipment is RSD 1500 per month. 

"I am a very good archer. I use archery as my way of meditation. I cannot sit down and just meditate in the classical sense. I am very active. So, I use archery. I have my bow, my arrow and I use this tension and relaxation in the second after throwing the arrow. And it is my way to meditate and this is the only thing that clears my mind. When I do archery, I am totally there with my bow, my target, my arrow, and I don't think, I am communion with the universe."

Paulo Coelho


Our club offers team building services to both private individuals and companies that, through this kind of way, want to organize team building for their employees, as a fun and recreational activity that aims to create a team or empower and improve interpersonal relationships in the existing collective in order to achieve common goals .

There is a possibility to go to your location or organization on the terrains of our club in the Petrovaradin fortress.



Any legal or natural person can donate to the Club (which is regulated by the Donation Agreement), thus making its activity better and easier.

In addition to the Statement of Gratitude and becoming an honorable member of the Club, all donors who decide to help the Club in any way are granted valuable media attention (newspaper articles, TV coverage).

They will get regular updates on all activities and achievements!

Any legal or natural person can donate to the Club (which is regulated by the Donation Agreement), thus making its activity better and easier.






S H A R E   W I T H   O T H E R S